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Our Efforts at Touzan Building

Quick Responses to Office Tenants

Touzan Building, located in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, is a unique rental building, with the owner being located in the building and maintaining 24-hour residential security guards. As well as communicating with the tenants through daily building management, the owner in person visits tenants and always keeps good relationships with them.

By always paying careful attention and providing quick responses to the tenants, we have gained the trust from them.

Keep our building clean

In a place like an office building where many people use, we need to secure sanitary environments, keep good health, and improve public health. We, Touzan Building, try to provide tenants with comfortable, safe and secure environment through cleaning and maintaining sanitary environment everywhere in the building, internally and externally.

In order to maintain office space functions in good order, we periodically conduct various inspections required by law, as well as having quality control for cleaning checked by independent evaluation.

To always keep our building clean, that is our philosophy.

Environment-Oriented Town Development

We would like to make our town, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, to be environmentally-oriented town, which means, at the same time, it enables to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions.

Therefore, we constantly pursue energy saving of the building through monitoring energy consumption, introducing highly-efficient lights and LED lights, and managing to operate air-conditioning economically.

Particularly in summer, we introduced “ice thermal storage” system, with producing ice overnight and cooling the rooms during the day by melting it. Such efforts enable us to use less electricity during the day as well as contributing to reduce energy usage of the entire building.

Please feel free to  Contact us  when you are looking for a rental office in Cho-ku, Tokyo.